Let's talk door and drawer fronts!

At Simpson Cabinetry we craft each cabinet to the unique specifications of the customer.  With that said, it’s important to talk about some common options for the fronts of your cabinets as well as terminology - after all, the style of the fronts (doors and drawers) will dictate the style of the cabinetry. Commonly, there are two types of fronts - 5-piece and flat slab. So let’s start with the difference between the two…

What is a five-piece door front, you ask?

We refer to the door as “5-piece” because of the four-piece frame and additional center panel to make five pieces. The center panel can be either flat or raised.

door profiles.jpg

Check out the Door and Drawer Profiles

Within the 5-piece front style there are four standard profiles that we offer - Ogee, Classical, Thumbnail, and Shaker. Combine this with either flat or raised center panel to get the look you want in your cabinetry.

Contemporary Slab

Another popular style is a flat slab front. This is a more contemporary look and can be done in either painted, stained or clear finish. When done with a clear or stained finish we match the grain as much as possible to create a stunning continuous flow of grain in the cabinetry.