Closets & Pantries

We often get asked if we “do closets & pantries” - the answer is “YES!” As with anything there is a wide range of choices within residential closets, both in design, functionality, and budget. We offer both a pre-finished product which saves on cost with a clean, slab front style as well as fully custom finished closets which are a higher price point but allow us to offer 5-piece fronts and ends, inset cabinetry, and custom color painted or stained finish. There are also many accessories available for closets these days - from shoe racks to valet rods - and we can use any of them in designing your perfect walk-in closet/dressing room.

For pantries, we do everything from simple shelving to full cabinetry. Quite often the pantry is actually more like a mini-kitchen - a place to put the beverage fridge, coffee maker and even microwave, as well as food storage. Especially when a pantry is going to be open to the kitchen or in sightline to the rest of the living space, homeowners prefer cabinetry in keeping with the kitchen, as the pantry essentially is an extension of the kitchen.

I LOVE MY CABINETS!!! You’re so great to work with – thank you for your amazing attention to all the details!
— A.G., Burlington, VT