Field Measure - When is the right time?

As a part of the design process, Simpson Cabinetry offers a site visit and detailed field measure. This allows us to take the exact dimensions of the workspace and, in existing homes, gives us the opportunity to see potential issues that may affect design. The big question is “when is the right time to do the site visit and field measure?” The answer, not so obvious…

Some factors that affect timing to come out to the site:

Remodels of existing space

  • An early site visit is helpful to get a feel for the existing space and learn how homeowners currently function there. Having the opportunity early in the process to give input on overall remodel decisions helps ensure maximum functionality and flow after remodel.

  • If the physical space for the cabinetry is not changing during remodel, measurements can be taken at this meeting.

  • If the physical space is changing, we can often design from the builder’s plans after discussing with the homeowners what they need.

  • It is important that the contractor on site communicates regularly with our team throughout the remodel about changes or adjustments that may affect the layout of the cabinetry after we field measure.

New construction

  • Contractors often want a preliminary kitchen design finished for rough-in of plumbing and electrical. If this is the case, we can design from the measurements on their plans.

  • A field measure to verify all dimensions is done once the interior walls are framed.