Need Compost Storage? We have the Solution for you!

For those of us who compost, this post will most likely resonate!  While composting is great for the environment, limits trash being thrown into the landfills, and is a great way to produce your very own high quality soil for the gardens, it does create the question of where to put the compost bin without just leaving it on the counter - messy and sometimes a bit ripe.  

Recently the design team at Simpson Cabinetry was tasked to handle this conundrum by a client who wants to compost but wants their compost bin tucked out of the way, easily accessible, and in a place that it won't tip over when pulled out.  Our solution?  A custom trash and compost pullout drawer in the island where all the food prep is done.  The compost bin has a handle on it so it's easy to put onto the counter while using or emptying and put back in the pullout drawer for storage.  The unit also has space in the back for supplies like cleaning spray, paper towels and trash bags.  Check out the photos to see the product in process and complete.