Milestone Reached

badge_34_9@2x - 25k saves.png

People often ask us how our clients find out about us. For in state clients, of course, there is a lot of word of mouth from contractors and homeowners alike. For our more remote clients (and some local as well), the number one place they find us, like so many businesses these days, is online. In addition to our website, our social media followers have been growing. Included in that is our profile on the popular home site, Houzz. For those of you who haven’t been on Houzz yet, you should definitely check it out! You can see our profile at

We recently received our fifth award from Houzz, for excellent service. We have also been asked to be on Houzz panels and participate in their Industry Barometer Series. In addition to the awards and panels, photos of our work have received over 25,000 saves to Ideabooks by Houzz users. We count that as big an accomplishment and testament to our work as any of the awards and prizes!