Simpson Kitchens in Florida Resort Hotel Still Beautiful after nearly 5 Years!

You think your kitchen gets a lot of use and abuse? Think about a kitchen in a rental suite at a hotel resort!

Earlier this month, Andy & I were able to go visit our very first out of state project and see how these kitchens were holding up. In 2012 just after purchasing Simpson Cabinetry we were asked to bid on the cabinetry for a series of hotel suites the Glunz family of Chicago were putting into their newly purchased hotel and resort in the Florida Keys. They wanted as much of the renovation as possible to be sourced with American made products, including the cabinetry. We won the bid and built cabinetry for seven of the suites at the Glunz Ocean Beach Hotel and Resort in Marathon, Florida. We are pleased to report that the cabinets look beautiful and continue to operate and function incredibly well.  Not a small accomplishment with the constant use of hotel guests as well as the salty sea air.

If you find yourselves in the Keys and needing a place for some R&R, think about the Glunz Ocean Beach resort – if you have Simpson cabinetry in your own home, the suites there will make you feel right at home!