The Custom Cabinet Process

At Simpson Cabinetry we build everything right here in our wood shop at 15 Corporate Drive, Essex, Vermont. When you come in to meet with us and see our showroom, you can look into the shop and see kitchens and bath vanities under construction. You can tour the facility and see the process from rough wood to finished product. We specialize in truly custom designed, custom built cabinetry for each individual client.


We source as much locally harvested and US harvested hardwoods as possible from sawmills and lumber yards in Vermont and throughout New England. The lumber that will become the next beautiful addition to your home in the form of custom cabinetry comes in to our Vermont wood shop as rough planks. We take it from there: planing the wood, cutting to size, building the cabinetry face frames, doors, and drawer fronts, as well as finishing it, all on-site.

We finish all of our own cabinetry right here on premises in our finish room. Whether your cabinetry is to be painted, stained, or finished with a natural finish to expose the beauty of the wood, it is done here at our shop. Our recycling system takes all the unused paint and finish and recycles it into non-flammable, clean lacquer thinner which we re-use in our paint booth, capturing nearly 100% of the waste associated with the finish process.


When a client comes to Simpson Cabinetry, whether they are an architect, interior designer, contractor, or homeowner, we work with them to design the best cabinetry for their space. Because each of our projects is made custom to order for the client, we are not limited to certain cabinet sizes and can design and build for you cabinetry which will maximize your space for your needs, while also creating a beautiful addition to your home in the process.

As long as the client has a rough plan of what they want for cabinetry and measured space we can give the project a budget to determine if it is a good match for both Simpson Cabinetry and the homeowner. If so, we then put an initial drawing into CabinetVision, our CAD design software. Depending on the amount of design already done on the project when it comes to us, this may be all that is needed to finalize and start production. Most projects, however, go through several rounds of slight design changes before finalizing and start of production. For each project, Kristina Machanic, our Project Manager, is with the client every step of the way. She is our main communicator and keeps everything flowing from the client to the design team to the shop and delivery. Clients will also work closely with either Wil Blanchard or Dan Carhart, our two design specialists.

Once the design has been finalized, we move it into the production phase. Our crew also includes eight cabinetmakers who hand craft and finish every item that bears the Simpson Cabinetry name. Most of the crew has been with Simpson Cabinetry for at least 10 years. The crew takes great pride in building the cabinetry that remains as heirlooms in homes throughout Vermont and beyond.


Our staff delivers all of our cabinetry to your doorstep in our own trailer - no commercial packaging or shipping to worry about (even for our out of state clients)!