Door Profiles & Finishes

At Simpson Cabinetry we craft each cabinet to the unique specifications of the customer.  We will build exactly what you want without compromises.  Our four most popular door profiles are classical, thumbnail, ogee, and shaker.  Combine any profile with either a flat or raised panel to achieve the look you want in your cabinets.

For finish, choose from a clear finish that accentuates the natural beauty of the wood, stained finish which allows the wood grain to show through while adjusting the color for your taste and style, painted finish with unlimited options of custom colors, or distressed, rub through, glazed, or combinations of these to suit your unique design.

While we will build cabinetry from most any wood species our most common and popular woods are red birch, cherry, walnut, sapele, mahogany, quarter sawn oak, and douglas fir.  For painted cabinetry we use a custom catalyzed conversion varnish in our state of the art paint booth.  Because this is a custom product we can match virtually any color a client provides.  We've even matched the blue from a piece of a metal stove!

Recent-Simpson Door Profiles (1).jpg